Manhattan Beach Modern

Nothing is as creatively exhilarating (and challenging) than starting from scratch, which is exactly how this new construction home was conceived. What began as a sandy lot soon became a daring yet refined marriage of modern minimalism and maximalism.

Master Bedroom Detail

Less is more, more is more

Coexistence of various design styles and eras in a well-curated and edited way is key. The sleek construction of this home emphasizes clean lines as the bright white walls offer an optimal canvas for color and unexpected aesthetic choices. All the while, the contemporary architecture beckons to be balanced by an eclectic mix of hues and design genres.

living room


Classic plus contemporary gets a new twist thanks to pops of color and an emphasis on organic finishes. Since this space is inhabited by a young family, form and function are equally important. The major pieces are both comfortable and deliciously delightful to visually digest. 

Entry Way
Dining Room

cohesion by color

While this interior assembles bold shades, compelling shapes and the latest in today's architecture, it's the timeless foundations of design that create a true sense of intention and continuity. Oversized abstract paintings, rich wooden credenzas, sculptural accessories, wool rugs and tonal grays provide an equally dominant pairing for elements such as geometric wallpaper or statement lacquered cabinetry.    

Master Bedroom
Guest Room
Powder Room

fountain of youth

If our design philosophy ran away, we suspect it might head straight for Neverland. Living lovelier involves equal parts time-tested aesthetic decisions, playful collaborations and imaginative daydreaming. So when we get the opportunity to design for the littlest of clients, the original unapologetic dreamers, we're reminded that we never really do have to "grow up". A child's room should be a  blend between their guardian's design aesthetic and the creative characteristics of being a kid. However, just because a room is for a child doesn't mean the design should be childish! Sophisticated creative spaces support sophisticated creative young minds and infinite opportunities for our imagination to return to the most whimsical of years.  

Play Room
Kitchen Details
Kid's Bath