So you're thinking of investing in your interior? This is the first step. We'll have a meeting on site to scope the space and hear all about your design dreams and desires. During this phase, we'll collect a plethora of photos, information and measurements to create a comprehensive design estimate based on your project's needs. Shortly after our initial consultation, you'll receive a detailed estimate and proposal which clearly outlines the design goals and process. 


Once we've carefully considered and agreed upon your project's unique components like personal aesthetic, architectural style, inspiration images and specific likes and dislikes, we dive into designing. We'll get started by space planning and developing an ideal layout for everything from interior walls (for full remodels) to accent furniture. This acts as our road map for design evolution. Next, we'll pull together photographs of individual pieces and materials on PDFs that we refer to as styleboards to reflect the vibe of the design plan. We'll present these to you along with full furniture plans and a working budget of all proposed items. 


 After our initial design presentation, there's typically a back-and-forth period for modifications of specific materials or pieces - for example, if you have a dog that sheds and decide you need a leather sofa but we proposed a fabric one...no problem, we'll find an alternative! During this developmental stage, we'll finish finalizing the design and massaging the budget until we have every corner of your space accounted for. We'll continue to send you updated floor and furniture plans, styleboards and proposals accordingly.

Purchasing, Project Management & Installation

 When you've approved everything we've presented, it's time to get to buying. We'll turn proposals into invoices, collect payment and purchase all materials and products needed for your makeover or remodel. After ordering is complete, we also facilitate the scheduling of deliveries with our vendors and carriers to ensure all pieces are accounted for and arrive in time. During this phase, we'll bring our trusty team of contractors and subcontractors to quote and complete any construction work that's needed. After the dust is cleared and packages are delivered comes the best part - installation day! We'll bring in our team to style and set everything up just the way we imagined it, including all accessories and art.