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For full service clients + LA-area locals, we happily offer the following:

New Builds & RemodelS 

Our most common service, this is our full-service, concierge-style package. We design, manage, and facilitate all aspects of our full-service projects from initial design development through installation. We specify all materials, finishes, furnishings, decor, and small accessories while working with our trusted team of contractors and subcontractors to ensure that every design specification is executed flawlessly and on schedule.  

Furnishing & DECOR

When the project scope is sans construction, we develop a cohesive design for all furnishings, decor, and small accessories. Each space is tailored to meet both your aesthetic and functional aspirations while also serving the overall design concept. We manage the ordering process and oversee all installations, ensuring that every detail is accounted for and fully realized.

Color Consultations 

Our color consults are meant to assist you in establishing interior or exterior color schemes when you’re looking to expertly freshen up your home’s paint. During the consultation, we’ll work with you to develop a color scheme for all relevant spaces - including color and finish recommendations for walls, ceilings, trim, cabinetry, and built-ins. After the consultation, you’ll receive a full schedule specifying locations, paint colors and finishes that can easily be handed off to your painter.

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Costum Curation

This package was designed for clients who have all of their furnishings and primary decor items in place, and are just looking for professional assistance in rounding things out and pulling it all together into a polished, cohesive design. We put the finishing touches on your space(s) by way of small accessories and artwork that make your space(s) feel complete, layered, and artfully curated. We handle everything from sourcing to purchasing and styling. 


We offer onsite design consultations to those in the greater Los Angeles area. Each of our full-service designs start with a one-hour consultation to establish scope, and are also ideal for those who don’t want to jump into a full-service design package but do have a few, specific questions and are looking for some on-the-spot answers, feedback, and suggestions.


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