Remote Design

We happily travel for long-distance projects that are a great fit. If you’re tackling a new construction project, remodel, or just need help furnishing, we offer our full-scope design and in-person expertise the world over.

For more information on our e-design services, please fill out our questionnaire below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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Whether you’re just looking to add some light finishing touches or you need assistance in fully furnishing your home, our e-design service is a great option if you’re not in Southern California but still want to work with our LA-based design firm via online communication.

A few points to help determine if e-design service right for you: 

  • The process will take up just a bit of your free time. You’ll need to get a little down and dirty, rolling up your sleeves to take some fairly detailed measurements, snap photos, and take a thorough inventory of anything existing that we’ll need to incorporate.

  • Since we price this out as an e-design service, we do need to stick to the script of online communication only. While we’ll be so happy to talk to you at the end of the project and answer any final, last-minute installation questions, the entire process will be done on the trusty ole interweb. 

  • Along these same lines, you should know that e-design is not our traditional, comprehensive design service so expectations have to be tempered accordingly. While our portfolio is full of custom pieces and beautiful work by our trusted team of tradesmen, e-design is a scaled down version of our full-service designs. 

  • We don’t hire or recommend any tradesmen. This means you’ll need to find your own painters, wallpaper installers, handymen, etc. 

The final determination for whether or not e-design is a good fit for your project is whether or not it falls neatly into one of the three e-design packages that we offer:

  • The Designer Package includes the works: furnishings, decor, small accessories, color/wallpaper suggestions, etc.

  • The Curator Package does not include furnishings but does encompass decor pieces (rugs, mirrors, light fixtures, etc.), small accessories, artwork, window treatments - basically all the finishing touches when you’ve already handled all the furnishings.

  • The Decorator Package covers a light round of accessories for each room.  

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